Pro-1 Conversion

Our goal here at Pro-1 Racing Heads is to make your 4-stroke engine experience not break your wallet. We manufacture all of our own valve seats and valve guides, so we can provide you with cheaper prices than the competition!

Parts Included

Labor Included

  • Head soda blasted and cleaned
  • Valve guides installed and reamed to size
  • Valve seats installed
  • Seats CNC cut to proprietary 4+ angle seat profiles
  • Valve stem height set to OEM specs
    *Valves intended to be used must be provided by customer or supplied by us to set valve stem height

NOTE: We can also shim the valves and assemble the head for an extra $25 (requires valve springs, retainers, keepers, valve seals, camshaft(s) and cam cap)

Single Cylinder Engine $395.00
Twin Cylinder Engine $545.00
Triple Cylinder Engine $645.00
Four Cylinder Engine $695.00