Frequently Asked Questions

What is a valve job and when is it neccessary?

A valve job is simply a re-cutting or "re-facing" of the valve seats, and sometimes the valves. Valve jobs are necessary when the seats are worn to the point that there is no longer a proper seal between the seat and the valve. By re-facing the seats and/or valves, the proper seal is re-established.

When do I need to replace my valve seats and valve guides?

Valve seats should be replaced when they are pitted, chipped, or too damaged to re-cut. Seat replacements are also necessary when they have been cut multiple times and are now too deep to set proper valve clearance. Additionally, it's common to replace stock steel-based seats with those made from superior materials to improve performance and durability from the engine.

Valve guides should be replaced when they have worn to the point that the valve can be wiggled around when in the guide (meaning the tolerances are no longer tight enough) or if the guides have broken or are damaged.

What are the benefits of using Pro-1 Racing valve seats and valve guides?

The materials we use for our seats and guides dissipate heat much better than the stock materials, keeping the engine temperature lower. Our seat material is not prone to cracking or chipping, and is more durable and lowers the frequency that the valves need to be re-shimmed. This material also cushions the valve better, lessening valve train wear.

Our guide material allows us to hone them to tighter tolerances, making for a smoother and more efficient valve train operation (which can increase horsepower).

Furthermore, our valve seat angle profiles we develop on our seats have been proven to increase both air flow and horsepower.

What parts do you need to do a valve job or replace the valves?

We must have either the new or used valves so we can set valve stem height. If you would like us to shim the valves to the proper clearance, we must also have valve springs and retainers.

Can I purchase Pro-1 Racing valve seats and valve guides individually?

Unfortunately, our valve seats and guides are not currently for sale individually. At this time they are only available when we install them in your cylinder head.

What brand of parts does Pro-1 Racing Heads recommend?

If you are unsure about which brands of engine components you should use, we will be happy to make a recommendation. If you need assistance in this area, give us a call at 480-282-3472 and we will help you out as best as we can.

What kind of equipment does Pro-1 Racing Heads use to perform its services?

Our main machines are our NEWEN Countour BB CNC operated cylinder head machines. These are the most technologically-advanced head machines in the world. We also have an advanced lathe and flow bench, along with a large assortment of mills, porting equipment, and cleaning machinery.

What is the turnaround time on Pro-1 Racing Heads' services?

For most of our services, turnaround time will be 2-3 days. But if there is some sort of unexpected problem with your work or if we are waiting for ordered parts to come in, the turnaround time may be longer.

Is there any way you can expedite the services on my engine?

Yes. We offer Pro-1 Racing Express, which is an expedited service to get your work done faster than the normal turnaround time. This service costs an extra $50.